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Dogmelon is a Games Development studio based in Perth, Western Australia.

Check out some of our titles below.


Fur is Going to Fly

At the dawn of the aviation age, battle rages across the skies. Dogfighting dogs, dogfighting cats, dogs fighting cats, snakes fighting everyone because, well, they're just like that.

Scales, feathers, fur, everyone has a point to prove, as they take to the sky in their rickety aircraft to establish aerial supremacy.

But don't expect a fair fight. Things are about to get wild!

Baron Game Cover Artwork

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Solitaire Collection

More than 50 Solitaire Games to Keep your Mind Sharp

We've collected all of your favourite solitaire games in a single, beautiful collection.

That's enough to keep you entertained -- and challenged -- for a very long time.

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Mahjong Solitaire

A calm, relaxing all-time favorite.

Keep your mind sharp while you tackle the multitude of challenging layouts.

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Sorceress Solitaire

Solitaire with Spells

Solitaire with a twist. Collect spells, and use them to help reveal cards, and more!

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A mezmerising game of color-matching rings.

The most unloved game in the history of App Store. Unlovable? You decide!

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Us: We've been working on 'Balants' for... at least the last eight or nine years.

Interviewer: 'Balants? That's intriguing. Can I see that?'

Us: Are you kidding!? We shouldn't even be talking about it. It's nowhere near ready.'

(apologies to Derek Zoolander)

Balants was shown at Playup Perth in May 2017

Under Development: